Even with all the pandemic chaos 2021 has presented us with, there is still so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Reflecting on our gratitude makes us better at the work we set out to do every day. Although this year is not like 2020, it’s still been a hard year for many of us. Practicing gratitude in 2021 is likely tough for many people. Hopefully, there are still plenty of things to be thankful for.

At Tinks, we are thankful to our team of ambitious designers, marketers, writers, and managers. We extend our gratitude to our partners who made Tinks possible and yes the loyal buyers who are assets to the company. Our founder, Keldamuzik wishes warm greetings and blessings to the crew and thanks to all her fans in the following heartfelt Thanksgiving message.

  I want to thank my power team. You’ve done an incredible job, and your support has been a huge part of our success. I’m so thankful to have you as a teammate and look forward to working with you in the new year. I am also tremendously thankful to the Tinks partners, customers, resellers, models, and my fans who made Tinks the number 1 berets brand of the Bay Area.   Happy Thanksgiving y’all

Keldamuzik aka Diva


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