The Importance of the Right Beret Size – Tinks 

Wearing the right size of beret can create all the oomph with how the beret looks on you. You definitely do not want it too large – so it tosses down over your ears and blows off – neither too small – so it sits on the top of your head, and gives you a red mark on your forehead as well as a sharp headache after some time. So it all boils down to knowing your exact beret size. Tinks shares with you the easiest ways to measure your head for a perfect fit beret.


Use a tape measure to measure around your head:


For ladies, your head measurement in inches will be your beret size. For men and generic sizes, divide the measurement in inches by 3.14 to obtain your beret size.


Consider the shape of your head. If you have a more narrow or round head than “average”, consider adjusting up to the next higher size. Berets are usually easily adjustable and if you to make things easier refer to the Tinks Size Chart below for a great fit.


Tinks Beret Size Chart


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