I love the idea of styling a beret, and how I can switch my bad hair days into good ones just by putting on a red beret, or a cap for that matter!
– Keldamuzik


Keldamuzik rocking the red beret in street style! What a diva!

I had a thing for a good red French-style beret but didn’t know where to find one in my state. Finally managed to create one! Tinks came into existence when I could not find my kinda berets with my kinda stuff, style, and colors in the market, and that too budget-friendly. I feel head accessories should be in everyone’s budget and no one should be left behind. Tinks is based on the idea of trendy and affordable fashion. We started with an experimental red beret since red is my most favorite color and it never goes wrong with any outfit or hairstyle. The red beret is worn to signify the revolutionary and we are here to bring back the revolutionary trend. It reminds me of the old military days and today’s anyone wearing the red beret is a pure rebel.

The classic red beret is the fashion accessory you can’t miss! Timeless and colorful it will complete an outfit, bringing a modern and Frenchy touch! So take out your reddies and be a REBEL.



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