From camouflage cargo pants to combat boots, the clothing that is adorned by the military is based on purpose and uniformity. Every item that a soldier carries has a motive. The fashion of the times generally signified support or protest as there was a military influence on fashion. Throughout the years, fashion and style are greatly influenced by the military. That’s why we can see many elements that were first introduced and designed for military use on every street corner today. 


Here are some classics that are influenced by the military:

Tank Tops
Bomber Jackets

As you can see, almost everything you wear has some sort of military heritage. Whether it is your beloved t-shirt, your prom suit, or your favorite casual chinos, all these pieces of clothing originate from the army.

have always been so inspired by the military costumes and accessories and how defensive they were. Berets are the main and solely influential piece of fashion as it gained their roots from the military.  It symbolizes French simplicity or an auteur’s complexity, military authority, or revolutionary ideology.

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