The topic for 2022 is ‘Together for Mental Health.’ Following a pandemic that destroyed communal relationships and social support networks, the month of May 2022 will focus on showcasing those bonds for mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Month has several objectives:

  • Increase public awareness and education
  • Defeat the stigma
  • Mental health policies should be supported.
  • Provide assistance
  • Remove barriers to treatment for those with mental illnesses

Tinks comes forward in support of Mental Health Awareness and wants to spread the message of kindness, love and light for those struggling with mental issues. Its time to open up and speak about the dilemmas one may be facing as to bring in the positivity and get rid of burdening thoughts.

Being an initiative-driven brand, that highlights the importance of self-love, Tinks has come a long way of empathy and self-development approach. We are not just a beret brand, we are a lifestyle brand that innovates a sense of self-appreciation and perfection within. At this significant moment where world is lighting candles for mental health awareness we urge all the wonderful people out there to speak with your fellows and get to know their challenges and what they are suffering from. Listening to solves half of the problem and lightens the weight, so let’s get together for mental health.


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