According to United Nations, world poverty is comprised of 70% women. Women only own 1% of the total land and just 2/3 of them are educated. Research shows when women are the manager of global affairs they allocate finance to education and healthcare.

When women are earning, they invest in their children and family. They empower other women and create opportunities for fellow women. They become goal-oriented leaders with the factor of patience and practicality.

We uplift artisans and provide direct support to them in the form of funding, employment, and promotional endorsements.

Tinks Artisans

Tinks’ mission is to increase gender equality and uplift underprivileged using craft as a tool for economic uplift. In the developing world, artisan industry is whopping $32B and form 2nd largest in the world. Women are in majority living under poverty line. They are also have vast majority in serving as the artisans  Buying the work of women artisans is a strong motivational way to give rise to women’s stature and provide the enhancement of living standards for millions of underprivileged women and children across the world.

When we uplift those economically challenged people or financially pressured sector, we uplift the whole of humanity.


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