In this horrific turn of events in the other part of the world, which witnesses the extreme human rights violations, Tinks feels its a massive toll to open our eyes to the hardships our brother and sisters are facing in Ukraine.

“Fashion houses should stand with Ukraine – silence is injustice”, Keldamuzik

Innocent children are losing their childhood, people are displaced and the air of fear and fury prevails in eastern Europe. It is high time we come out in support of Ukraine. Our voices, our harmony, and our activism can help spread awareness across the world. It is a time to unite as one human force to combat authoritarian rule and invasion policy one and for all.

Tinks urge all the fashion houses, brands, media companies to come forward and unite to be heard as the lasting echo. Donations, in any form would mean a lot to the suffering souls. We request our community to especially play a part in the world crisis.


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