Happy Easter everyone from everyone here at Tinks

Easter is a great time for everyone for kids and big kids alike. After a true snowy winter, people anticipate the arrival of spring with pleasurable excitement. We cannot wait to feel the warmth of early sunbeams tickling our skin, breathe in the refreshing odor of green grass and first leaves, and enjoy the beauty of colorful flowerbeds. There are so many reasons to love spring, but one of the most important for all Christians is the great spring holiday of Easter. The true essence of Easter is eggs-perienced with your family, and while you are at it

We all learn about Easter from our loved ones — our parents or grandparents. Writing them the unique Easter quotes fills their hearts with warmth and love and spreads those emotions to other family members. It seems absolutely wrong to be sad or miserable on Easter days. Nice warm days in spring, the smell of fresh greenery everywhere, and expecting Easter funny games, activities, and quests bring out happy smiles on the faces around. 

Easter is a perfect time to reflect on our lives and open our minds and hearts to new experiences. May it be a great day for you too! 


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