The holiday season is here, which shows it’s time to get active, festive and add some glitter and glam to your wardrobe. ‘Tis the season for accessorizing, and we all have our hearts for hats ready to slay! But not just any hats—berets in particular.

They’re just so comfy we can’t ignore them. But we know that it can be hard to nail the look just perfect. This year, the chicest hat you can wear is a beret. People usually worry about a beret coming off as ‘over-doing’ and one way to avoid looking too glam is by keeping your makeup minimal.


It’s high time to welcome boots, cozy sweaters, and coats. What other statement piece do we need this autumn to look chic? There is only one answer to that. Berets! Fortunately for us, this season trends seem to come in line with the weather conditions. Berets in any form, shape, or fabric can make us look cool but also keep us warm. 



Goodbye summer, hello winter! 


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