All women even if they don’t know that, have boss lady power moments every day. Whether it’s something minor, like speaking your mind at work, or something grand like a promotion, there’s a boss lady in all of us. The first step in being a boss lady is to feel powerful and confident. Leadership doesn’t just happen. Leaders work, often for years, toward top positions. They know what they have to accomplish, and they set out a plan to achieve it and they are not afraid to go that extra mile for their dreams to come true.

Being a boss is having your own money and earning it the way you want to, and legally of course lol. They say going to school and earning your degree is the only way of making six figures a year. I find that wrong, honestly get a trade, a certificate, school isn’t for everyone. You can still learn to be a boss and make as much money as you want when you have your mind set on something. I was never a school type of person, as much as I tried, I just couldn’t get through it. I learned to develop my own skills, obviously being a musician and using my marketing skills to create ideas such as Tinks. Ladies, be your own boss and earn your own money!

Keldamuzik aka Diva

A true boss will ask for assistance, advice, and company when they need it, they will also be there to help out, share, and make life easier for others. Make sure to be a boss lady for everyone in your community and we promise you will receive a lot of boss lady power back.


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