Let’s face it, we admire French design. And, let’s face it, we’re still obsessed with Emily in Paris. French-style continues to impact the way we dress, from easy everyday ensembles to Parisian statement-making pieces like the beret. A quick rundown of the beret’s history: Basque-style berets were initially made in the 17th century in the South of France and are known among artisans as felt hats. The beret did not become popular as a fashion statement until the 1920s. The beret has since become a hallmark of French style and the ultimate of uber-cool.


CHAPEAU TRIBE Classic Stretchable Wool Black French Beret

Minimal high quality beret for a night out. Shop here!
Chapeau Tribe



FREE PEOPLE Kangol Grid Tooth Beret

A lovely pattern play. Shop here!

Kangol Grid Tooth Beret


HAT ATTACK Knit Leopard Beret

Animal print beret for you. Shop here!



TINKS Bee Diva Yellow

Its the yellow mellow beret day. Shop here!



FREE PEOPLE Margot Slouchy Beret

The ultimate at-home beret. Shop here!

Margot Slouchy Beret




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